What price democracy?

Democracy is perceived as the most desirable way to run a country. It is meant to enable people to have a say in how they are governed. What laws and rules they want to live by. How they are protected, what they are allowed to do. Of course no process of democracy is perfect. They…

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Why the EU is a de-stablising factor

When the Russians invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimea, some explained that one contributing factor was that Russia felt threatened by EU expansionism. Whilst in the west we do not think that this in any way can justify invasion, Mr Putin doesn’t think like we do. He does things we wouldn’t do. He acts first…

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Does the EU support democracy or believe in its principles ?

Junckers threatened British deserters would face the consequence if we vote for Brexit. He is reported as saying ‘“The UK will have to get used to being regarded as a third party state, which we won’t be handling with kid gloves.” But how is this possible? To begin with how can someone believes in democracy…

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