Cry wolf and you’ll get eaten!

Don’t cry wolf when there is no wolf or people won’t respond when there really is one.

That way people get eaten. Or so the fable tells us.

People become deadened to fear when their fears are continually played on.

And boy have our fears been played on over the last 30 years.

In very recent memory, and expected to be revealed in the Chilcot enquiry, the non-existent fear of weapons of mass destruction.

We went to war over that one and destabalised the world for at least a generation.

Before that we had a succession of ‘the world may end’ scares.

The Millenium Bug, BSE was projected to kill hundreds of thousands but didn’t, Avian Flu, Swine Flu, and of course Global Warming, to mention just a few

None of these has delivered – Thank goodness. But all have been used to frighten the public.

They followed in the footsteps of the cold war fear of nuclear attack embodied in the propoganda (?) embodied in ‘duck and cover’ in the USA, ‘protect and survive‘ in the UK.

And we did live in fear. Perhaps we had good reason to.

However subsequent attempts to scare us have left us many of us inured to fear.

Any stimulus when constantly used becomes deadened.

Eventually it stops working.

And it seems now that it has.

But  politicians of Remain  haven’t caught on yet. So they have been trying to scare us with threats of what might happen if we leave the EU.

Their problem is that too many people are experiencing  day to day issues they believe are due to being in the EU and what those represent.

And they are able to much more readily project those into the future.

And that scares them more.

Because they are tangible.

Add to this the rise of internet access.

People are now able to talk to strangers and investigate what they are told using social media and the web. This means the single minded message needed to keep people frightened is subjected to interference from other messages and stories that may not align.

And it isn’t just in the UK.

Around the world people are pushing back against being treated like children. They are talking to each other and finding out for themselves.

So those crying wolf now are either at it again, or are about to be eaten due to their own behaviour.

Only time will tell.


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