If we vote leave-written pre Brexit

People ask what will happen after the referendum if we vote leave.

The honest truth is that a process will begin.
But no country has ever done it before.
So no-one can tell you what it will look like or how long it will take.
Nor can anyone can tell you how the EU will react.

Of course there are lots of scare stories peddled.
Some suggest that acts of reprisal will take place.
A strange reaction to the people of a country exercising their democratic right.
A strange reaction to a situation that could have been prevented by a decent deal.

However it appears unlikely.

It is more likely that they will be very busy dealing with demands from other countries asking for their own referendums and mitigating the effect to their own economies.
Makes me wonder why the EU wasn’t more accommodating to the changes the UK wanted? Arrogance perhaps?

The one thing is clear.
No-one has a crystal ball.
Everyone is guessing.
The only certainty is that we will have taken back control of our democratic rights.
Our liberalising effect (page 4) within the EU will have it’s ultimate expression.
Everything else is speculation.

We are making a decision for ourselves and leading the way for other countries who feel the same way.
We have to hope and work hard to ensure that it will lead to a better Europe for everyone.If

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