Immigration – written pre Brexit

Immigration is a big issue for some.
Every person seems to have their own reasons.
Some are of course racist.
In contrast some are people of colour who have experienced racism from European migrants.
Some are thrown off balance because their communities have been swamped.
It doesn’t matter where the people are from.
It would be the same if they were from Manchester or Bristol.

It is a bit like a whole bunch of people decide to turn up to your house and have a party, eat your food and drink your drink. You wouldn’t be pleased whoever they were. You actually like having people around for parties but you like to decide when it happens and who comes along.

In the rest of Europe something is fueling a worrying shift to the far right across Europe. It seems in the most part to be immigration across the Shengen area. The Eurocrats decided to invite in those entering Greece illegally and it is destabilizing Europe.

The rise in the right as a reaction was predictable.
Like me I hope you think this is terrible.
The politicians must be complete fools if they didn’t expect this to happen.
How can we trust people that make such idiotic decisions even if they have good motives.
However we vote, this issue is de-stabilising Europe and fueling demands from others to have a vote.

In my view it depends on the level of arrogance as to whether our leaving causes reform or not.

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