This page and the others in this collection appear as originally published leading up to the EU referendum 

These pages were dedicated to providing facts about Europe until the 24th of June. Not spin- facts.

Introduction as it appeared pre Brexit

I spent a long time deciding how I will vote.

To do that I had to get behind the spin to the facts.

Most of the current ‘debate’ is like playground claims of ‘My dad is bigger than your dad’ with the media chanting ‘Fight, Fight’.

No wonder we are confused.

We are also now pretty used to being lied to by the establishment or the truth covered up and conveniently buried.

We seem to be continuously unraveling the past by one inquiry after another and discovering the establishment lied to us.

Operation Yew Tree, Hillsborough or Chilcott are the tip of the iceberg.

Every person seems to have a story of mistreatment by bureaucracy and authority, whether it is immigration, NHS, social services, tax, the police or commerce.

There seems to be a general feeling that politicians and those in power, the bureaucrats and those that run big businesses act not in our interest but in their own.

They have the power to swamp us with ‘their point of view’ and cause us to make decisions on ‘their terms’ about what they decide is important.

With all this communication the FACTS are hard to find.

They are buried under layers of spin.

Magicians call this misdirection.

It’s how they make their tricks work.

They get you to look away whilst they pick your pocket or pull a rabbit out of a hat.

The decision we are about to make is the biggest that most of us will make in our lifetime.

It shouldn’t be taken like ‘Iraq’, based on fear.

It has worked well  over and over again for decades.

Mad Cow disease, bird flue, millennium bug, Iraq war and now Europe.

This website (was) for those on both sides of the argument who want to see behind the trick and make an informed decision.

I hope it helps however you decide to vote & I hope this gives you more information to enable an informed vote.

For transparency and out of honesty I want to share my position with you.

In 1975 I was too young to vote I campaigned for the Common Market and the European Community.

I wanted then as now for us  to trade and travel freely across Europe.

So I hoped David Cameron would negotiate a meaningful change to our membership.

One that would give us democratic control of our future and control over the laws we live under.

But he didn’t.

Being ‘free’ requires that we can have a say and that our say can make a difference and influence how we live.

I am sure that they think you will be confused enough by the fact that you can vote, with having democratic influence and so wont see the issue.

Either that or you will be happy with 27 other countries deciding for you.

The fact is that the EU is undemocratic. That isn’t my opinion it is a fact.

The official government document (written by Sir Humphrey?) describes it as having ‘a democratic deficit’.

It is also official that European Law over-rides UK law (and International Law).

So it doesn’t matter how many laws they have or haven’t made to date, they can make laws that you and I have to abide by, and do nothing about.

If you think this is or could be unfair then there is one word that describes this situation: Tyranny.

Definition of Tyranny: a situation in which someone or something controls how you are able to live, in an unfair way.

And I can’t vote for Tyranny.
I couldn’t live with that.
But I can live with voting for Democracy.
I can explain that to my children even if they are poorer as a result!
After all people have died for my democracy so being a bit poorer is a small price to pay if that is the outcome.

So on 23rd June I will vote to leave to take back control.
I hope that in doing so the EU will reform and we will end up in the reformed Europe we really want.
But I can’t guarantee that.
I think I can guarantee that it wont reform if we stay in; based on the refusal to offer any meaningful reform that would have kicked the idea of leaving into the long grass for so many of us.

I think I can also guarantee that there won’t be another vote to leave. This one is widely considered an accident. There may however be a vote to change our minds before the separation has been finalised!

Here is what claims to be an unbiased source of information

And here is someone else’s comprehensive evaluation as to why we should leave.