The economy- written pre Brexit

For me the Vote isn’t about the economy.
Sure a lot of the talk is about it.
Sure the Remain side are trying to scare us into voting on that one subject.
But for me it is about democracy.
Remain promising a better economy than if we leave is a bribe to buy my vote, an attempt to get me to forget I would be relinquishing my democracy. All for an undeliverable promise

We are the second largest net contributor to the EU as this infographic shows.

We give them 14.7 billion Euros and they give us back 6.7 billion and tell us where to spend it.

If we leave the idea is we get to spend it all on what we want.

Whether it will work out like that is anyone’s guess.

It is as hard to predict as are the dire warnings of economic decline predicted by the Remain camp.

The Global Counsel did their own assessment in June 2015 of the impact of Brexit on both the UK and on EU countries. However you will see that it failed to predict the demand amongst the countries listed above for their own referendums. Whilst the economic outcomes are of course based on an array of assumptions which are themselves uncertain this provides a good overview of how everyone may be effected.

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