Theresa May or may not!

The media successfully hijacked the Brexit campaign and turned it into a fight between Boris and Dave for Prime Minister with a big part of the anti Boris narrative being that his Vote Leave membership was solely in the interest of his own career. This narrative is now in tatters as are the careers of both.

During the whole campaign, when the country needed leadership, Theresa May was no where to be found. She offered no leadership or direction to the country in the biggest vote we have had for generations. Instead she was lurking in the wings like a modern day Lady Macbeth, waiting her cue.

No-one has been so self-serving and calculated. So based on narrative around Boris I expected the media to strap on their steel toe capped boots and go to work on her, but there is silence. Instead the narrative has turned to Michael Gove, being the back stabbing Brutus to Boris’s Caesar.

One moment after the biggest expression of democracy we have had, the media are embarked upon another campaign of propaganda and biased messaging. No lessons have been learned from the effect they had on the Brexit vote.

So why the bias?

Well here is an idea. We know that the media thrive of conflict. For now they have picked their villain and that will see them through the next few months that are usually quiet time for reporting. But what then? If May is elected I propose the media narrative is utterly predictable. Since she was on the remain side and she is proposing a change in direction to the manifesto on which the conservatives were elected they will be calling for a general election. Rather than allowing the turmoil to settle the media will have nicely set up their next few months of conflict.

After all, the media have already caused the Labour Party to start a coup based on their speculation of a general election being called for, and are ripping themselves apart. Part one of the narrative is playing through nicely.

In contrast, Michael Gove and some of the other candidates have a cross party mandate from the whole country because of their membership of Vote Leave. This wont enable the media to use this story line to create conflict. Who knows, things might actually settle down a bit

So beware thinking the Theresa May is a vote for a calming influence: as it may be anything but!


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