Theresa May – the Continuity Candidate?

During Richard Nixon’s visit to Beijing in 1972, the Chinese premier, Zhou Enlai, was asked about the impact of the French Revolution. Speaking of an event that took place nearly two centuries previously, Zhou famously commented that it was ‘too early to say’.

And yet 12 days after the most momentous democratic expression of distrust in the direction chosen by politicians over the last 4 and a bit decades the media and various spokes people are lining up to explain what it means.

What is very clear from the rhetoric is that they are failing to interpret what it means but are rather content to try and convince other what it should mean. This seems to centre on a few repeated questions, which even when answered are repeatedly asked as if no answer was provided.

Take the non-issue of EU citizens remaining in the UK. Throughout the campaign and again in answer to the question, Vote Leave supporters have insisted that all persons already here are welcome & safe to remain. The media and the remain voters continue to stir up uncertainty by repeatedly asking the same question and not accepting the answer.

The motivation can only be to try to create uncertainty where none exists and play to a narrative they invented that Vote Leave supporters are racist. All 17.5 Million of them! This also flies in the face of the mixed ethnicity and cultural background of many Vote Leave voters. Presumably these are dismissed as just idiots who don’t know any better rather than face the cognitive dissonance that accepting that their narrative is incorrect would cause.

Then there is Mark Carney, who in his supposed attempts to calm the markets down causes the pound to fall by declaring that the UK has ‘entered period of uncertainty’ 

This is an attempt to put out a dying fire by pouring petrol on it. Perhaps his desire for his pre Brexit predictions to be right. Perhaps George would like to remove him- but then George also predicted the end of the world would come post Brexit.

What we have is a vacuum of leadership created by first the bullying and then the cowardice of David Cameron and the process required to democratically replace him.

But let’s not worry: now is the time to keep calm and carry on. It is too early to tell what the effect of the Brexit vote is: much too early. But there is one thing that I am pretty sure will make things much worse- Theresa May being elected Prime Minister.

After all, she failed to lead the country in the biggest choice of the least 50 years so who in their right mind can believe that she is qualified for leadership? Only those whose best interest is served by things ‘remaining’ the same, those who campaigned for remain and look with disdain at those who voted to leave and would rather demonise them and reject their voice.

Theresa May represents not a ‘unity candidate’ but the ‘continuity candidate’ and the best opportunity for the post Brexit predictions of project fear to come to pass.

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